This Website aims to provide, exchange and share information with managers, educators, researchers, colleagues, Ph.D. candidates, students,  technicians on the theme “Forest Resources and Environment Mangement – FREM” , “Forestry” including the following types of information:

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• Journal article, paper for conference, workshop 
• Book, report of the results of scientific research; report of projects of scientific and technological development
• Textbook, workbook, guidelines 
• PhD, Master Dissertation



Wishing to contribute to the development of natural resources management, forest ecology and environment management and support for education and training at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels in this field.

Bao Huy


Bao Huy, Prof. Ph.D
Freelance Consultant
Scholar at Oregon State University (OSU), USA
Consultancy for Forest Resources & Environment Management (frem)
Add.: 06 Nguyen Hong, Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Province, Viet Nam
Website: http://baohuy-frem.org
Email: baohuy.frem@gmail.com
Mobile: +84 98 308 4145
Skype: bao.huy